24 November 2008

Cool winter flying

On Sunday several people enjoyed a nice, but cold day. Friends from the Jyväskylän region reported about a nice day of practice on the local hill, before their pilgrimage to Aldogonales, Spain, next week. We are supposed to believe that the snow guns were no bother at all, just providing a refreshing shower.

Another group gathered at Hyvinkää airfield to attempt traditional towing. The club's towing car wasn't quite up to the task as it is not fitted with studded, winter, tires. But they got a replacement car and had a couple of nice flights. Instructors Mika and Mladen did a tandem when all of a sudden a cloud formed at very low altitude. Luckily it was only some 10 meters thick. It is always special to fly above some cloud, and makes for extraordinary scenery.

15 November 2008

A new look

If you read this you already noticed the new look and feel of this blog. This blog now uses the same style as the Lokkilok business site. At the same time the address was changed to a simple http://blog.lokkilok.com; the old address should still work, but you may want to update any possible bookmarks and subscription.
A similar face lift was applied to the Lokkilok blog on technology Between the keys, and to the blog on other non-flying topics named La Testa Millimetrata.

Happy reading!