12 July 2007

Attacked by the birds

For the last 10 days or so the weather gods have decided that we should not fly. So I've buried myself in work, but made occasional visits to summer-happy downtown Helsinki. Yesterday went to see an open air jazz concert on the Esplanade and bought myself an ice-cream at one of the classic kiosks. The servant warned about the seagulls but I had no clue what I was in for. Only some 10 meters from the kiosk a couple of seagulls dived onto my ice-cream and by sheer speed knocked the ball of ice-cream from the cone. Right when the ice-cream hit the gravel there were at least 15 gulls and also some other birds. In less then 3 seconds there was nothing left; I couldn't even take out my camera-phone let alone make a picture. One of the many witnesses of the event remarked that "That was some really good ice-cream!".

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