26 January 2009

Of Ups and Downs

Update: Ari actually placed 2nd! on this first day. Jouni was 79th and Robert 98th. Finnish pilot Heimo happened to be in Valle last week and made some nice pictures of us in the opening parade, and of Ari landing into goal.

The last couple of days the Finnish team at the Paragliding Worlds experienced a variety of ups and downs.
On Friday the Swedes had set a 53 training task. Not all pilots flew that task but Robert was 2nd to make goal! Ari and Jouni bombed out. Jouni used the opportunity to train walking, a good 10 km.
Friday night Robert and Jouni turned ill and stayed in bed most of Saturday. But we managed to participate in the nice opening parade.
Resting payed off as we were a bit weak but fit to fly the first task today. Conditions on launch were gusty and this slowed things down. Launch order on this first day was by world ranking order and this caused Robert to be really late at the start.
Ari was on time though and flew fast with the leaders and then choose a good line over the Mesa towards Ramon and then on to come in goal in an excellent 3 place!
Jouni and Robert were much slower but both made goal so overall the Finns opened the championship well.


Anonymous said...

En je hoopte nog wel dat je niet ziek zou worden...
Dag! Patricia

Hamish said...


Many congratulations to Ari for his 2nd place on day 1, say a big hello to him from Hamish the Australian!


Anonymous said...

Dus ondanks alle voorzorgen van geen tanden poetsen (met lokaal water). Maar geen excuus vind ik, met een lege maag ben je lichter en zou dus harder moeten gaan
groetjes, Andrepeter