24 January 2010

General Repetition

On this last day before the Monarca Open 2010 we had an excellent final chance to practice. Norwegian's Ronny et al. (picture below) set a short task so that we would be home in time for the registration. It was a typical (but short) Monarca task: a 3 km start cylinder around Magay which also served as first turnpoint, then over the Mesa plateau and across the valley to Ramon, back to the Iglesias on the plateau and then landing in Valle de Bravo.
The start was set for 12:30, which was perhaps a little early but even so conditions were good. And soon became downright fantastic. As for the last couple of days it was a blue day (no clouds) but now the thermals were smooth, upper level winds weak, and the famous Monarca convergence was there. This made it possible to race on the way home from Ramon (picture above). The fastest pilots needed approx. 1:25, I myself was also quick in 1:35 (track).
In the afternoon did the registration, after tonight's briefing and opening dinner we are all set for a good week of competitive flying with friends.

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Greg said...

Good luck and have fun!