21 August 2011

Not back in the air, quite yet

Some readers of this blog have wondered where I hang out; it's over a year since the last post.

The main reason it has been quiet here is that I simply have not been flying. Recovery from last year's accident went actually quite well but it took of course some time. The bad news is that late in the autumn I started suffering from a strange illness that which is not really diagnosed yet. It's generally not very bad but just sufficiently serious to ground me.

In between I have good periods of a week or two and luckily one of those coincided with the yearly Lokkilok pilgrimage to Gréolières, at the end of April. That was once again a great week of flying, Robin did a nice write up.
That week was also a good opportunity to finally get to fly my new XC Trango. I needed to get used to the wing a bit, especially to using the trimmers but then it turned, and turned out as nice as I was made to believe.
But otherwise it has been up and down in the health department, not in the air. Fortunately I've managed so far to make the best of the situation, doing interesting work on a new web service for discovering and booking diving destinations, TangaReef. Check it out, and like us on Facebook!
And partly as treatment but mostly for sheer fun I volunteered the whole last week at the Underwater Rugby World Championships here in Helsinki. The warm and humid air in the pool building really seems to help a lot. So perhaps I can get back into the air before the winter is here again...

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