12 May 2007

Physical condition

Throughout the years I've noticed that allthough paragliding doesn't require a lot of energy, being in a good shape helps a lot. Long flights require stamina, and being able to run out a landing after several hours of flying can avoid minor injuries. Likewise being able to walk up a hill with all the gear without getting exhausted increases the possibilities to practice.
I've always done some running and almost always ride my bicycle to work but I was not nearly in as good shape as I could be. So 7 weeks ago I started to make more runs, and make them longer. Now I run almost every day and usually approx. 10 km at a reasonable speed, 14-15 km/h. Throughout the winter I also went swimming once a week to train my arms a bit more; and for the variation.
I feel quite good about all of this and have decided to keep up with this regime until at least the Nordic Championships in Piedrahita.

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