17 May 2007

Record week!

The last 6 days saw a number of extraordinary long flights in Finland. On Friday 11 May Kari "Karlos" Rämö flew a personal best of 155 km. This inspired Ari "Arska" Sahlström and myself to attempt a Finnish record on Sunday 13 May with a 235 km task. That didn't work out, but I flew a personal best of 152 km in not-so-easy conditions (see picture by Arska). The best part however was that this flight started a lively discussion about the possibilities to make long flights here and about being prepared for good days.
Today was such a good day and top-pilots Jouni and Ari arranged to be ready for early towing at Oripää airfield. Word just came in that Jouni did over 200 km and Arska an incredible 303 km. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert
Keep up the good work on this blog! Interesting to get the details concerning free distance paragliding in Finland, and especially the extreme flights!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nimbus,

You can look at the GoogleMap and the Southern Part (500 km of it up North). Despite lots of forests there are plenty of agriculture and lakes which makes nice trigger points. And yet the best part of it all: there are huge areas of free airspace and G areas. In addition, we have good relationship with control towers and can wish extended hight or clearance to go through airway corridors and tma's. Before flight we usually phone tower and in flight we can ask clearance in as "other" aviators.

Nice bloq Robert.


Robert said...

Thanks for the encouragements, we sure all hope for more loooong flights.
I'll also report on the Nordics once they commence.