12 December 2007

Finns flee to Spain

This time of the year the chances of getting some air under ones feet are slim, here in Finland that is. The days are short, the clouds plenty and very low, and the fields wet and soft. And this global warming thing doesn't really help until it warms up a lot. So Nordic residents get depressive and need therapy in the form of parties, alcohol or just light.
An even better remedy is to flee to a sunny place with good flying opportunities. Last week some 24 Finnish pilots enjoyed the sunny skies of Algodonales, Spain. Those who had to stay at home need more parties and alcohol to cope with the reports of nice 3 hour long flights. This (Finnish) report has a bunch of pictures. This week another delegation of over 10 pilots try to keep up the good spirit in Algodonales.
(the pictures here are by Mika Pousi)

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