25 December 2007

Seasonal News

Yesterday morning we received alarming news. Farther Christmas was spotted in some troublesome circumstances at the infamous "Wall" of Finnish fortress island Suomenlinna, just in front of downtown Helsinki. That site is frequently used by Finnish paragliding pilots, but is known to require significant skill and even more carefulness, as winds can pick up very quickly and large vessels pass closely by causing furious rotors. Understandably Santa must have been in some hurry, and must have compromised his usual careful assessment of the conditions.
It was with great relieve that we only some 12 hours later received joyous reports from Iquique, Chile, where Santa landed safely on the beach and was welcomed by many happy children.

Lokkilok wishes to thank reporters Markku L. and Jussi L. and all others who must have assisted Santa in his yearly epic adventure.
Finally, we wish all our readers Merry Christmas!

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