22 June 2007

Kari "Karlos" Rämö

Kari "Karlos" Rämö is a ex-hanglider pilot with a thirst for long XC-flights. Kari is always prepared for those special days and has several times improved the Finnish records. His early early season flight of 155 km started the long-distance frenzy we saw in Finland in May. Kari is also a real engineer; he has always some beautifully constructed add-ons such as video-camera fixtures, and fixes everything even the screaming bunkbeds in the hostel of Piedrahita!

Here are Kari's answers to our standard questions:
Age: "37"
Occupation: "stock manager"
Gear: "Skywalk Magic, Advance impress"
Most memorable flight: "Catching a thermal with thousands of leaves."
Personal goal: "The trofee!"

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