02 June 2007

Team Finland at the Nordics

It's only two weeks before a staggering 140 pilots will get together in Piedrahita, Spain. The Paragliding Nordic Open will see pilots from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, England. and yes Finland! Earlier in the season the Finns had a period that allowed for impressive long flights, and rumour has it that the Swedes and Norwegians are a bit nervous.
The last two weeks most of Finland has been troubled by strong winds so there was not much to report. But just in time a nice high pressure system is setting over Finland, which is predicited to offer great training opportunities this weekend and next week.
As usual the participants in the Nordics are a mixed bag of experienced and feared competitors, new talents, and old men who will never learn. LokkiLok will try to present the members of the Finnish team during these last two weeks of countdown. The Finnish participants are:
  • Antti Jutila
  • Ari Sahlström
  • Esa Alaraudanjoki
  • Jari Takanen
  • Jarkko Siikanen
  • Jony Blomberg
  • Jouni Makkonen
  • Kari Rämö
  • Kasperi Karhapaa
  • Marko Leino
  • Mladen Milevski
  • Robert Aarts
  • Taina Takanen
(apologies if I missed someone. Send a comment and I'll correct it asap)

Check out this space for details about these fine pilots!

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