16 June 2007

Waiting for weather and equipment

Parawaiting prevails here in Piedrahita, one day before the Nordics commence. As seems to be the rule rather than the exception for me, my glider did not show up on the conveyor belt at arrivals in Madrid. After an hour of waiting and reporting the missing bag (together with many, too many, others) Esa, Kari, and Kasperi met me in the arrivals hall. They had spent the day in Madrid as Thursday was a rainy day in Spain, no flying.
Friday morning we were welcomed by sunny blue skies, but soon we noticed that it was very windy. Spent the morning making phone calls to figure out if anybody had any clue about my glider, but to no avail. At Finnair, and many large organiztions like it, individual employees while friendly, seem to avoid all responsibility. It would have been so nice if one would have said "Sorry to hear that, let me found out and I call you back in an hour", as opposed to referring ad infinitum to other people that should take care.
We had breakfast at the hostel and did some shopping for supplementary food. Late in the morning we drove to the antenna lauch, as rumour had it that some Norwegians would try to fly there. Norwegian paraglider pilots have a reputation of being trul adventurous, so one tends to believe such rumours. But we didn't see any and with the strong winds that was understandable. So we contined to Àvila where we of course met a lot of other pilots. And had a really good lunch, followed by touring the famous and truly impressive medieval city walls. The strong winds snapped my brand new Fjällräven hat and dropped it onto one of the roofs next to the wall. So the excitement of the day was my climb over the wall onto that roof. Especially crawling over those old brittle roof tiles provided for the minium daily required allowance of adrenalin.
Later in the afternoon we hunted some shops and shopping centers for outdoor shoes for Kasper. Meanwhile I repeatedly tried to call to the lost luggage department at Madrid airpoort, without ever being able to get though. Now, on Sat morning, the latest news is that the glider bag has arrived at Madrid and that I can come and pick it up. That's just fine as today is another rainy day with the forecasts promising more of the same for Sun. Hopefully on Monday the waether will be good and I will have my glider...

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