28 August 2007

Finns Hot in France

After a few more days of nice flying co-instructor Hapa and our group of 8 Finnish paraglider pilots arrived, on Saturday evening. The sunny weather continues, and it is getting ever warmer. Sunday morning had some west winds, not good for flying but in the afternoon everybody got a flight at Gourdon. Yesterday morning the weather was perfect and the group walked up to the start at Gréolières, no mean feat. It is some 250 meters up, a 40 minutes walk with 20+ kg of gear! And this in the blistering sun, at temperatures of 30+ degrees (Celsius). But again all got a nice flight, some short and some longer. In the afternoon again went to Gourdon where the conditions were a bit light, but several of our pilots made hour long flights.
And then we all went for a swim in the refreshing Loup; the local river. As the village suffered from a broken water supply we were accompanied by local sirens, virgins and maidens.....

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