05 August 2007

Tandem license flights completed

Global warming, the EU membership, or some other cause? Fact is that it is August and only now the real summer weather is here, with a nice high pressure system settling in. Yesterday saw quite a crowd at Hyvinkää airfield; and as usual the paragliders had to squeeze their tows and landings in between ultralights and sailplanes.
I was out early and found accomplished pilot Artsi (thank you!) willing to be the passenger on my Ozone McDaddy tandem (two-seater paraglider). We made two flights, one short and one longer one with some thermalling up to the local ceiling of 2500 ft MSL. The best part was that with these flights I now completed my training as tandem pilot, so now are allowed to take friends, family and others for a flight! It took me a long time to make the required number of flights with pilots as passenger, as one need to find a victim, the weather must be right, and there better be an experienced tow car driver. It does not often all come together.
Happy as I was with this accomplishment the rest of the day I spent towing, and assisting Rami who did many tandem flights with curious novices.

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