22 August 2007

From Espoo to Gréolierès: arrived

Yesterday went to the Gourdon site early; where an instructor (Alain?) of the local paragliding school and I were the only people to enjoy the not great but flyable conditions. Actually soon the cloud formation was strong, but with very low bases causing cloud suck right in front of the launch. This combined with the SW winds created a bit more turbulence than I liked. So (top) landed after some 20 minutes. Later the cloudbase raised and the weather looked a bit less turbulent, but with strong conditions on launch. The Ozone test pilots came out (picture above) and went through their usual routine for a while but then decided that enough was enough. Jerome showed a proto of a very small (and light) ultralight that he tried with his own made "harness". It all looked really scary (see below) but it sure flew, actually quite well.
Today made an early flight at Gréolières but probably a bit too early, as some overcast slowed the thermal development, and I couldn't stay up. Later in Gourdon people were still flying but coming down to avoid the upcoming rain. The forecasts for tomorrow and especially Friday look much better.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Will join you in a 2 days in Greolieres :) Looking forward to some relaxing flying after been buried under work for 3 weeks ...