19 September 2007

Madeira in Madeira

We're on a short ad hoc vacation in Madeira. Today did a top to bottom flight from the Pico da Cruz down to the Lido. The wind was too light and too cross to stay up. Besides one flies right over all the hotels, and more scary, has to avoid 6 construction cranes. So not a good place to scratch the mountain. Instead flew out over the sea early and then back in over our own hotel, fun! Then concentrated on landing in the park at the Lido, which was actually easier then expected. All in all a nice way to end the day. And the walk up is a good workout.
So really feel that I deserve the dinner we'll have tonight. We'll do a Portugese evening tonight with fado singing and the local famous wine!
Later this week should try to fly the scenic north side of the island. The trade winds are northeasterly this time of the year.

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