09 September 2007

Sand, sun, and fun in Løkken

Thursday morning left the Netherlands with my navigator set for Løkken, Denmark. After enduring major traffic jams around Hamburg got there a bit before 6. I headed straight for the beach as conditions seemed excellent: sun, a nice northwesterly breeze and a couple of gliders in the air a bit more north.
So quickly got ready and launched from the beach. It was perfect and I soared all the way to Rudberg's Kudde, the higher hill approx. 8 km more north (in the far distance on picture). Flying back was a little slower as the wind had picked up a bit. But it was very smooth so easy to apply a moderate amount of speedbar. After some 50 minutes or so was back. An amazing flight and a really cool way to chill out after a day of driving!
Friday morning headed out early again, but by the time I was ready the wind was already too strong (see picture). I tried to do a bit of groundhandling and dry my wing, but only got it dirty with more wet sand. After breakfast with Danish pastries in the village, found a nice grassy and sunny field to dry and clean my glider. Once packed up headed for Frederikshavn, where I went for a swim, and sauna!, in the very nice swimming hall. In the evening then took the ferry to Göteborg and once there drove to Stockholm for a last ferry trip straight back to Helsinki. So after some 6000 km, 25 days, and a lot of flying back home again!

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