18 January 2008

More prep: improving a harness

After my October trip to France I noticed that one of the rings that conduct the speedbar lines had come loose from my SupAir Vamp harness. The harness is covered in neoprene and that simply seems to flexible to hold such rings just like that. A local sail maker came up with a very nice fix, as shown in the photo above. On both sides of the neoprene a circular patch of cloth holds a heavier patch in place. The heavier patch is also glued to the neoprene. A new ring was then put into this sandwich. The circular patches should not affect the movement of the neoprene and hence not impact the streamlined shape of the harness. This turned out to be quite a bit of work so the sailmaker didn't fix the ring on the other side (which hasn't come loose yet) but gave me a DIY kit instead.

Last week I had a change to test the fix, as well as my new leg fairing, on a couple of flights. And yes it all seems to work fine. And flying with my legs "inside" felt very comfortable indeed. But I have not yet found the ideal setup for my instrument deck yet.
After a lot of trouble with a broken car engine I finally came home from France, almost a week later than planned. Nevertheless, after obtaining some crucial insurance statements today it looks like I'm getting ready for the Pre-Worlds now....

The first group of Finns should be in Mexico now to participate in the preceding Monarca Open and we're eagerly awaiting for their first reports.

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