31 January 2008

Strong winds

Task 3 in the Pre-Worlds was a hefty 93 km long. Early after launch it was a bit more difficult than usual to get up as the southwest winds caused thermals to drift quite much. Likewise pilots encountered strong head winds in the first leg to the antennas. Here it was beneficial to be high. The legs into the plain to Lapila and back to the plateau were fairly easy but the final 33 km leg into the valley to goal was too much for most.

Our Jouni led the leading pack but stranded some 20 km before goal. Ari however did very well, he was among the first 20 in goal. At goal pilots reported 50 km winds! Jari and Robert (track) landed early in the final leg.

The competition is now halfway and the Finns now place:

Ari 10
Jouni 41
Jari 108
Robert 109
Esa 142
Finland 8

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