31 January 2008

A bleak day

We're chilling out in the patio of the HQ of the Pre-Worlds. This fourth day was tricky for most but could almost be called disasterous for us finnish pilots.
Only minutes after the start gate was opened Jouni and Esa discussed over the radio the exact whereabouts of their landings.

I myself (Robert) meanwhile was fighting only 20 meters above the ground at the foot of a small hill. Like many others I had lost vast amounts of altitude on the way to the start and first turnpoint. This was aggravated by unnecessary wandering about in sink in the mistaken believe that the start cylinder was 3 km, like yesterday; it was only 1 km so I should have gone straight, and fast, to the turnpoint.
I managed to get up from that tiny hill but with the headwind now stronger I still did not make the turnpoint and once more had to scratch at the same hill. Now got higher and could glide to the turnpoint, one hour late. Even though I glided furiously fast back to the ridge I was low again and had for the third time to fetch a thermal from the same tiny hill. By now I knew how to get up quickly and then could continue fast to the next two turnpoints. But all alone I did not find a new thermal and landed after 29 km (see track)

Jari didn't fly today and at the time of writing we don't yet know if Ari got to goal, 73 km. Hopefully he can save the day for us!

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